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Neighborhood Allies releases first in a series of Best Practice Reports – First Issue Focuses on Work Happening on Pittsburgh’s Northside

CensusTEAMSince early 2014, hundreds of residents of the 18 neighborhoods on Pittsburgh’s Northside have engaged with local leaders and stakeholders in community-wide conversations to create a shared agenda for the revitalization of their neighborhood. The Buhl Foundation is supporting this effort, committing to a long-term, place-based, community-driven approach to supporting and investing in the Northside. The Buhl Foundation’s approach has been able to leverage existing community assets and the inherent hard work and dedication of the people of the Northside to create a meaningful community-driven engagement initiative and to articulate one compelling vision for the future of these communities—no small task for a group of 18 diverse and disparate neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Allies recognizes the innovative work happening on the ground in the Northside and wants to share and celebrate this story to inspire action, celebrate progress and most importantly empower leaders and residents in other communities to actively shape the future of their neighborhoods. “We recognize the importance of tracking, sharing and learning from engagement strategies to strengthen and transform our communities, so they can be translated to other places.” says Neighborhood Allies President, Presley Gillespie. “It is integral to our role as an advocate, collaborator and convener to lift up exemplary projects and share best practices in ways that ensure a better understanding of the processes that lead to positive impact on our neighborhoods.”

ON_reportCOVERIn partnership with the Buhl Foundation, Neighborhood Allies is releasing a recently published innovative project report documenting and capturing this process. The report was composed using interviews and testimonials from the residents and local leaders who are actually participating in the process—which has produced a clear and concise summary of the model, and step by step process happening on the ground in the Northside. “We have the resources and opportunity to do innovative work on the Northside and to test out a new approach to creating positive impact in communities.” says Buhl Foundation President, Fred Thieman. “It is our hope that this report can act as a guide or reference that can be used as a resource for other foundations and community leaders as they embark on their own community engagement, building, and revitalization efforts.”

Read the full report here: Innovative Project Report: The One Northside Community Plan

Neighborhood Allies will publish a series of innovative project reports on local best practices being implemented on the ground in Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The innovative project report on One Northside is the first edition. Printed, full-color, bound copies of the report are available for distribution upon request. Contact Talia Piazza for more information:

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