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The Love My Neighbor! Grant Program Reaches and Supports More Pittsburgh Residents Than Ever!

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The Grassroots Grantmaking Committee (GGC) of the Love My Neighbor! funds 50 resident-driven projects amounting to over $91,000 in grants!

After interviewing residents in face to face meetings in April, the Grassroots Grantmaking Committee (GGC) met in May to discuss, consult guidelines, and make final decisions about residents’ projects. The Committee received 65 applications from across the nine target communities for the grant program. With the support of a well deserved, increased grantmaking budget, they were able to fund 50 amazing projects! Thank you to the hard work of the GGC throughout the process. Congratulations to the grantees in the 3rd round of Love My Neighbor! We are proud to share the list of grantees below.

Congratulations to our Love My Neighbor! Grant Recipients:


  • Daniel Robinson | Holistic Health Program for Hilltop Youth
  • William Davis | Lots of Flowers Vacant Lot Reclamation
  • Anthony Stewart | The Hilltop Gardener’s Report Educational Zine
  • Mandy Kivowitz-Delfaver | Tune It! Monthly Jazz Jam Session


  • Kevin Alton | Daddy Daughter Dance (DDD)
  • Kelli Organ | S.E.E.D Young Girls Project (Sowing Empowerment, Encouragement and Determination)
  • Nikkia Ingram | Hilltop Youth Trip to National African American History Museum
  • Gordon Hodnett | Beltzhoover Bee Hives
  • Christian Nowlin | Beltzhoover: Past, Present  and Future


  • Mary Strader | Youth Etiquette Program
  • Cheryl Vetch and Maryland Fess | Youth Blight Fight Engagement Initiative
  • Sarah Martin | Story-telling, Reading and Speaker Series for Youth
  • Lemona Wrencher-Strong | Vacant Lot Beautification Project
  • Ruby Williams | Let’s Grow Together Event Series
  • Zachary Donehue | Vaccination Education Workshops
  • Carolyn Holmes | Vacant Lot Urban Garden Reclamation

Hill District

  • Kevin McNair | Sneakerball
  • Amir Rashidd | Youth and Elder Storytelling Collaboration
  • Rev. Lauran Web | Recycling Bin Initiative
  • Charlotte Ka | Mosaic for MOKA Project
  • Carmen Brown | Project Purity
  • Raqueeb Bey | Mama Africa’s Green Scouts (Allentown)


  • Beverly Howell | Grandma’s Green Zone
  • Zinna Scott | Vacant Lot to Rain Garden Reclamation Project
  • Wadjet Mentuhotep | Engineering Impact Initiative
  • Kent Bey | Homewood Block Party and Peace Assembly
  • Edith Booker | Bennett Place Tenant Council Programs
  • Ayanna Jones | Sankofa Village Community Garden Raised Beds
  • Lauren Hogan | Harambees Backyard Market
  • Jordana Stephens | Perch on a Stone Community Association Programs
  • Lorena Amos | Homewood Community Garden Tour
  • Karyn Winbush | Karing for Kids (KK) Youth Grieving Program
  • Joshua Devine | Chalk-it-UP! Youth-Vision Arts Project


  • Destiny Venson | Urban Live Back to School Kick-Off Event
  • Carolyn Peeks | Diaper Bank Program Outreach
  • Hazel Jackson | St. James Church Food Service Ministry Expansion


  • Dana Harris-Yates | Cultural Oasis Gardening and Organic Food Growing Program
  • Camille Clarke-Smith | Lincoln-Lemington 5K Community Walk
  • Denise Edwards | Community Uplift and Outreach Day
  • Harry Burns | Movie Night Event Series for Seniors


  • Donna Pearson | Millvale Native Pollinator Garden Planting Party
  • Jackie Geis | Gardens of Millvale Community Outreach


  • Bigg-Up healing water | Sustainable Urban Agriculture Program
  • Elaine Harris-Fulton | Wake Up the Vote Wilkinsburg Initiative
  • Jerry Gaudi | North Avenue Bird Park and Pollination Garden Expansion
  • Jody Guy | Geometric Street Mural
  • Michael Skirpan | Community Forge Clean Up Day
  • LeChele Banks | Summer Arts Camp
  • Kathleen Rawlins | Making Blight Bright Landscaping Project
  • Leigh Solomon Pugliano | Barrels To Beethoven afro-Caribbean Instrument Program

Congratulations to all of our grantees! Stay tuned for more project details and updates!

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