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The Homewood Experience | A New Image Campaign to Highlight Homewood’s Rich History and Community Pride

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The Homewood Community Image Campaign aims to showcase what those in the neighborhood already know – that Homewood is a vibrant space filled with valuable community assets, rich history, and an unwavering sense of pride and togetherness.

On March 3rd, The Homewood Experience kicked off with an official press event which outlined the components of the new image initiative and offered an opportunity for residents to ask questions about what to expect, as well as give valuable feedback and ideas about their hopes for the campaign. At the event, project partners Neighborhood Allies and the Homewood Community Development Collaborative gave an overview of the initiative and introduced the consultants working on the campaign, Soleil Branding Essentials and Pyramid PGH, LLC. The consultants then dove into a deeper explanation of the initiative and asked community members to get involved right away. Upcoming actions include the creation of a community art walk, in-depth interviews with residents, an audio soundtrack, grant writing workshops, videos and documentaries, street banners, and more.

With the project team ready to bring the campaign to life, Soleil Branding Essentials and Pyramid PGH set out to seek community input first with a community survey. If you live, work, or play in Homewood, please consider completing their survey to aid them in keeping community vision at the forefront of this project.

Other ways you can get involved in the project include:

In addition, please note that while we continue to adhere to procedures put in place to protect our community’s health and safety amid COVID-19, The Homewood Experience teamĀ is taking similar steps to ensure “The Homewood Experience” campaign can be activated, in the absence of face to face community engagement. These components will include email outreach, mailers within the Homewood community, open phone lines to gather survey information as well as an aggressive social media advertising strategy. As these initiatives are rolled out, our team will be in communication to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

Follow The Homewood Experience on Facebook to stay up to date on the campaign!

Together, with Homewood residents and local business owners and entrepreneurs, and with financial support from the R.K. Mellon Foundation, Neighborhood Allies is actively working to re-invigorate and re-brand the North Homewood Avenue business district as an African American Cultural Destination, an identity cultivated and supported by the Homewood community. The Homewood Experience New Community Image Campaign is an integral part of this broader strategy.

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