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Thank you, PNC Charitable Trusts!

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pnc charitable trustWe are happy to announce PNC Charitable Trusts as our newest funder.  PNC Charitable Trusts awarded us a $15,000 grant for the Homewood Transformation Project.

The Homewood Transformation Project is a focused neighborhood development project that will increase the scale of ongoing efforts to revitalize the Homewood neighborhood, using robust placemaking and blight eradication strategies. The project seeks to comprehensively address physical conditions on targeted blocks and includes home repair, clean-ups, blight remediation, street beautification, and neighborhood engagement. We will engage partners in various activities including exterior home repairs and homeowner stabilization, and strengthening code enforcement and maintenance to move neighborhood plans to implementation. Two such partners include the established community organization, Operation Better Block, and The Mission Continues, a national non-profit organization working to empower veterans adjusting to life at home. By utilizing this comprehensive approach, we and our partners hope to amplify current neighborhood revitalization efforts by increasing market demand, quality of life, and investments in housing and businesses.

As a unique partner, Neighborhood Allies is part funder, lender, connector and consultant, and has committed to supporting Homewood and other focus neighborhoods for the next ten years, as strategic partnerships are developed and as residents and business owners build their capacity to implement their ambitious plans. Our support will include the ongoing deployment of our Real Estate and Placemaking Fellow, Mary Taylor, into the community as a strategic resource to leverage all neighborhood assets including public and economic assets and civic and social capital.

As creative placemaking animates public and private spaces, rejuvenates structures and streetscapes, and improves local business viability and public safety, Mary will be a welcomed asset to project partners as she works to help develop multifaceted, coordinated strategies pertaining to real estate and design, public art and cultural identity in Homewood.

PNC Charitable Trusts is comprised of over 150 perpetual charitable trusts and private foundations with PNC serving as trustee.

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