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Thank you, PNC Foundation!

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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank PNC Foundation for supporting Neighborhood Allies with a $50,000 grant for our work to build community capacity for neighborhood change!


Neighborhood Allies is building capacity of Community Based Organizations, Resident Leaders, and small, nonprofit Real Estate Developers through our Community Capacity Building Program, Grassroots Grantmaking/Love My Neighbor! Grant Program, Shared Real Estate Talent Program and our Real Estate Co-Powerment Series.  With this support from PNC Foundation, we will:

  1. Increase the sources and flow of community development capital to low-income neighborhoods, as well as improve the effectiveness of capital deployment, especially for struggling individuals and families. We will deploy real estate consulting expertise to projects in 6 target neighborhoods to assist with early stage evaluation of opportunities and identification and support of CBO’s appropriate role in the project.  Lend and/or invest at least $3 million in support of acquisition and predevelopment projects including small mixed-use buildings and supportive housing projects for veterans and low- to moderate-income families.
  2. Develop specific neighborhood level strategies for each of our target neighborhoods that take into consideration local conditions and context. We will strive to ensure that all of our residents live in healthy, opportunity-rich, safe neighborhoods of choice in the long-term. These strategies will be used to inform our grantmaking, guide our work and help us prioritize our neighborhood change efforts through the deployment of our complete capital model.
  3. Cultivate a cadre of resident change makers and develop skills of community development organizations by building strong connections within and between neighborhoods and increasing people’s confidence, commitment and access to resources to participate in and successfully implement community change agendas. The Grassroots Grantmaking Committee will award and monitor numerous small grants totaling up to $50,000 for resident-led projects that improve neighborhoods and engage neighbors.  Community Capacity Building Program will demonstrate increased organizational capacity through community development trainings including the Real Estate Empowerment Series, workshops, technical assistance and networks, and a deeper understanding of a new community development paradigm.

Thank you to PNC Foundation for supporting this critical capacity building work serving Pittsburgh residents!

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