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Summary of Data Survey Findings

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Earlier this year, we conducted a data needs assessment to comprehensively identify current data uses and data needs of organizations throughout the city and neighboring boroughs so that we can better understand how best to provide funding, technical assistance, support and other services to organizations.  Our Program Coordinator for Research, Evaluation and Policy, Doni Crawford, was fortunate enough to present some of those findings at the University of Pittsburgh’s University Center for Social and Urban Research’s (UCSUR) Sixth Annual Neighborhood Information Users’ Conference in June. We are currently in talks with our partners to deliver solutions to the four most prevalent needs identified by our survey – data training, data access, staff/capacity building and technology. Until then, check out our Summary of Data Survey Findings below, which includes currently available and future resources for some of these needs.

Link: Summary of Data Survey Findings

For more information on our survey, please contact Doni Crawford at


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