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Shad Henderson Delivers Keynote at 55th Annual Wilkinsburg Give Thanks Breakfast to 150 Attendees from Local Churches, Businesses, and Civic Organizations

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On Thursday, November 14th, 150 Wilkinsburg supporters and residents gathered for the Annual Give Thanks Breakfast at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. A holiday season tradition in Wilkinsburg, the breakfast included food, programming, and keynote speech from our very own Director of Equity and Community Partnerships – Shad Henderson!

Established in 1893, the Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce is over 125 years old. The Chamber believes that communities are improved through the creation and advancement of businesses and nonprofit organizations.  Its mission is to promote the growth, prosperity and vitality of the Wilkinsburg area and local residents through educational and charitable activities aimed at helping people to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them through entrepreneurship and access to a positive business community. Each year, they hold the Give Thanks Breakfast as a way to bring together Wilkinsburg residents from local churches, businesses, and civic organizations to connect and learn about exciting things happening in their community.

In addition to performances by the Pittsburgh Urban Christian School and the Western PA School for the Deaf, Shad Henderson, Director of Equity and Community Partnerships, served as the keynote speaker at the event. He shared with the record attendance crowd his personal story growing up in Pittsburgh, an overview of Neighborhood Allies’ engagement in Wilkinsburg, as well as ways to grow the Neighborhood Allies-Wilkinsburg partnership.

“Neighborhood Allies is another link in making our community a better place for all. We are grateful for Shad’s willingness to bring the Neighborhood Allies mission to the Chamber/business community.”

– Dennis Bossick, Treasurer & Resident Member of the Wilkinsburg Chamber of Commerce

A few examples of projects we helped to fund in Wilkinsburg include the Wilkinsburg CDC food cluster, the Temporary Public Art & Placemaking Project “Come Over, Come Eat, Come Play,” as well as a myriad of resident-led projects through our Love My Neighbor! program. We look forward to forging an even stronger connection with the Wilkinsburg community as we look ahead to 2020 and beyond.

We are grateful to have been welcomed to such an important Wilkinsburg holiday season tradition. Thank you for letting us share in your celebration and thank you for being an ally!

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