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Real Estate Co-Powerment Series Celebrates Success of first 10 Graduates

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Earlier this year, we launched the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series with our allies at Omicelo Cares with the goal of beginning to shrink the technical proficiency gap that exists between real estate developers and community leaders that are involved in local development projects. Today, we’re excited to celebrate 10 community leaders who represent the inaugural graduates of the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series!

In May 2017, we kicked-off this pilot series with a group of 11 local residents who wanted to play a productive and active role in real estate and economic development that is happening inside their neighborhoods. Over a six-week period, the cohort met twice a week to learn about topics ranging from Proforma Development and financial analysis to Design and Community Driven Design and How New Market Tax Credits work. The primary goal of the series was to teach the basics of real estate to folks who had an interest in participating in the development happening in their neighborhoods, but the series has proven to be much more than just an educational exchange.

What’s the cohort have to say about the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series?

“The Real Estate Co-Powerment Series is one the most worthwhile experience I have had in a long time. It is practical and it’s instructors are actual practitioners. This allows one to obtain knowledge while building a professional network at the same time. Upon completing the series, I am confident that I will be fully equipped to become successful in my development efforts.”

-Jacqueline Hill

“This course has been so helpful in understanding how development works and I am more inspired and hopeful for projects in the city of Pittsburgh. I took this class to just be able to understand how to hire someone to put together a proforma and suggest financing for redeveloping Albright Church. Now, I feel 100% confident I can out build a proforma and figure out the best, not just the bare minimum, on financing for a successful project. 

-Lindsay Patross

“In a world that is increasingly operating on a global scale across all industries, seeking information and wisdom from those willing to share it is necessary to being able to compete on any level. This program is allowing me to have access to a wealth of minds and human capital who challenge, teach, and allow bridges to be built across what others may perceive as walls. It’s not just about the information itself that I’m receiving but also being able to engage in a process of learning how to identify, collect and receive information that can be applied in all aspects of my life. This program allows a safe and gentle space to attain knowledge without the mental, physical and at times traumatic experiences that keep people cowering in fear in their comfort zones while all the while deep down knowing that they are hungry for growth.”

-Amie Cande

Congratulations to the following resident leaders on completing the course:

  • Robert Bowden
  • Amie Cande
  • Tenika Chavis
  • Jacqueline Hill
  • Dana Carter Lance
  • Anita Macias
  • Hykeem Moore
  • Lindsay Allen Patross
  • Billie Vaughn
  • Isaiah Dumar Williams

The next Co-Powerment cohort launches in September, 2017–contact Emily Hammers ( for more information! A special thank you goes to the URA for their generous financial support and for lending their staffer’s capacity experience and knowledge to this program! 


Please join us in celebrating the success of our inaugural series and to support our ally and partner in this initiative, Omicelo Cares, at the DreamOn Festival on Thursday, August 3rd for a VIP Event! Get your tickets today!

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