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Pittsburgh Equitable Development Partners Present the All-In Pittsburgh Initiative to Minneapolis-St. Paul Civic Leaders

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95 civic leaders from Minneapolis and Saint Paul, including Mayors of Minneapolis, St. Paul and several surrounding suburbs and business and philanthropic leaders from Target Corp., US Bank, Comcast, Wells Fargo, 3M, traveled to Pittsburgh for their 16th Intercity Leadership Visit.

This annual trip organized by the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, is meant to create an opportunity for local leaders to study issues in another urban region of the country. During their visit to Pittsburgh, the Minneapolis cohort met with local organizations, politicians, foundations who are leading efforts and initiatives to address issues that are challenges for both Pittsburgh and Minneapolis St. Paul, including representatives from our Equitable Development Steering Committee.

Ivette Mongalo-Winston, Dr. Jamil Bey, Malik Bankston and Larry Swanson provided an overview of our “All-In Pittsburgh” Initiative, walking attendees through our entire process–from research, to building an agenda, to creating and convening collaborations, so they can take our lessons learned back with them to Minneapolis. The full presentation can be viewed here.

The Pittsburgh Equitable Development Agenda

  1. Raise the Bar for New Development
  2. Make All Neighborhoods Healthy Communities of Opportunity
  3. Expand Employment and Ownership Opportunities
  4. Embed Racial Equity Throughout Pittsburgh’s Institutions and Businesses
  5. Build Community Power, Voice, and Capacity

For more information on All-In Pittsburgh, visit our website



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