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Local Delegation Will Attend Sold out National Equity Summit Thanks to Neighborhood Allies Support

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Next month, our allies at PolicyLink are convening equity leaders across the nation for the Equity Summit 2018 “Our Power. Our Future. Our Nation.” in Chicago, Illinois. A delegation of diverse local leaders will represent Pittsburgh and the Equitable Development Steering Committee.

Thanks to support from the Heinz Endowments, Neighborhood Allies was able to convene a local delegation of representatives from our Equitable Development Steering Committee to attend PolicyLink’s sold-out Equity Summit next month. The Summit is a call to activists, organizers, and leaders to step into our power, activate our imaginations, and set the national agenda. That agenda will build on what’s been learned about advancing equity and justice and push to achieve the scale required for all to reach our full potential.

Building off of the momentum and progress of our All-In Pittsburgh/Equitable Development Initiative, this conference will serve as a perfect jumping off point for an in-depth exploration of the groundbreaking achievements, strategies, lasting policies, and new opportunities that connect low-income/low-wealth communities to resources and opportunities. The local delegation will participate in trainings and workshops and learn best practices from across the country that we can begin to implement on the ground in Pittsburgh.

The impressive and diverse 2018 Pittsburgh Delegation Includes:

Karen Abrams, Heinz Endowments

Zeba Ahmed, Perry Hilltop/Fineview Citizens Council

Malik Bankston, Kingsley Association

Duane Binion, Kelly Strayhorn Theater

Cheryl Hall-Russell, UrbanKind

Ricky Burgess, Council District 9

Marita Bradley, Council District 9

Fred Brown, The Forbes Funds

Jenna Cramer, Green Building Alliance

Doni Crawford, Neighborhood Allies

Jane Downing, The Pittsburgh Foundation

Juan Garrett, Riverside Center for Innovation

Presley Gillespie, Neighborhood Allies

Carol Hardeman, Hill District Consensus Group

Larry Harris, Beltzhoover Consensus Group

Knowledge Hudson, Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh

Karris Jackson, POISE Foundation/Neighborhood Allies Board Member

Shikha Jerath, Neighborhood Allies

Majestic Lane, Office of Mayor William Peduto

Daniel Lavelle, City Council District 6

Cait Lee, Neighborhood Allies

Lora McKnight, Vibrant Pittsburgh

Marimba Milliones, Hill District CDC

Ivette Mongalo-Winston, Mongalo-Winston Consulting, LLC

Andrew McCray, City Planning

James Myers, Urban Innovation21

Talia Piazza, Neighborhood Allies

Lindsay Powell, Office of Mayor William Peduto

Aarika Ransom, UrbanKind

Larry Swanson, ACTION Housing Inc.

Tia Torres, SEVEN Wild Dreams/Hill District Resident

Stephanie Turner, KeyBank

Diamonte Walker, URA

Dewitt Walton, Allegheny County District 10

Ricardo Williams, Office of Mayor William Peduto

Gerrod Winston, National Organization for Minority Architects

Thank you to the Heinz Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation for your support of this important work!

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