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The Path to an All-In Pittsburgh | Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

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In February 2016, we, along with our partners at PolicyLink and Urban Innovation21, set out on a journey to create and build a strategy that would help make Equitable Development a reality in Pittsburgh. Take a look at where we’ve been and where we’re going along the path to an All-In Pittsburgh!

February 2016 — Neighborhood Allies and Urban Innovation21 Engage National Experts to Help Create Equitable Development Strategy for Pittsburgh

April 2016 — PolicyLink Returns to Pittsburgh to Continue the Local Equitable Development Conversation

September 2016 — New Report Sets Equitable Development Agenda for Pittsburgh

October 2016 — p4 Focuses on Making Equitable Development a Reality in Pittsburgh

December 2016 — Equitable Development Implementation Session Prioritizes Promising Strategies

December 2016Equitable Development Implementation Update

February 2017 — Moving Forward on the Path to an All-In Pittsburgh

June 2017 — The URA is All In On Equitable Development | #AllInPittsburgh

August 2017 — PolicyLink receives $125K grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation for Equitable Development Implementation

August 2017Equitable Development Steering Committee is Formed to Guide the Path to an All-In Pittsburgh

October 2017 — Pittsburgh Equitable Development Partners Present the All-In Pittsburgh Initiative to Minneapolis-St. Paul Civic Leaders

October 2017Equitable Development Steering Committee Forms Action Teams & Commits to Actionable Next Steps

February 2018 — Equitable Development Steering Committee Discusses Indicators, Action Plans and Impact

March 2018 — Local Delegation Will Attend Sold out National Equity Summit Thanks to Neighborhood Allies Support

TODAY — Last week at the All-In Cities Equitable Development Steering Committee, our two Action Teams presented implementation strategies to each other. Each team suggested priorities that the entire All-In Pittsburgh network can get behind for impacting equity issues and policies in the areas of Employment and Entrepreneurship and Housing. Stay tuned for a Guest Blog Series from our team which will lay out concrete next steps for each of our Action Teams in the pursuit of an All-In Pittsburgh!

For more information on our Equitable Development work, visit our website.

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