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New Leadership, New Approach and New Ideas are Taking Shape at Neighborhood Allies

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Just over a year and a half ago, Neighborhood Allies formally re-launched as a new and improved 21st century community development organization, with a renewed and revamped commitment to improving the social and physical infrastructures of Pittsburgh’s distressed and transitional communities.

Over that past year and a half, we’ve been hard at work – building our staff and expertise to deliver results and impact to neighborhoods at the level they need and deserve, making investments and grants that support resident and neighborhood dreams and aspirations, and forming new and nurturing existing partnerships with the allies that will join us in building a better Pittsburgh for all. Just over a year after we welcomed our new leader, Presley Gillespie, Neighborhood Allies is  a unique community development partner, unlike any other in Pittsburgh. We have evolved to be part funder, lender, connector and consultant. Each and every day, our staff works to catalyze fresh thinking, take strategic risks, test new approaches and track progress and impact.

While we’re proud of the progress we’re making organizationally and on the ground with our partners, we realize there is still much work to do. Creating meaningful and measurable change in the lives of those living in Pittsburgh’s distressed and transitioning neighborhoods will take years and require collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including those living in the neighborhoods in which we are trying to affect change. We encourage you to join us in this work to create a new era of positive change for Pittsburgh neighborhoods – read more about the new leadership, new approach and new ideas taking shape at Neighborhood Allies.

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