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Neighborhood Allies Welcomes New Staff, PULSE Fellow, and University of Pittsburgh Intern!

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Please join us in congratulating Ben Emswiler on his new position and welcoming our new team members, Chelsea Contino and Talia Landerman!

Ben Emswiler, Program Associate

Ben Emswiler

As a part-time Program Associate for Neighborhood Engagement and Community Capacity Building, Ben works to increase our organization’s engagement with resident populations and neighborhood groups. As part of this role, he researches and analyzes community plans, nationwide best practices, and policy issues pertaining to grassroots community development. Ben also assists in managing our Love My Neighbor! Grant Program and Grassroots Grantmaking Committee, which invests in resident-led projects by working alongside community leaders and focusing on the ingenuity, talent, creativity, and hope that exists directly in our city’s neighborhoods.


Chelsea Contino, PULSE Fellow

Chelsea Contino

As PULSE fellow, Chelsea works with the Senior Program Manager for Communications and Marketing to convey the organization’s overall message and impact and assist in specific program outreach and communication strategy making. This work includes drafting content for social media outlets and other communication channels, tracking audience engagement and outreach effectiveness, and coordinating special events and meetings. She also works closely with the Economic Opportunity Program team and the Grassroots Grantmaking Committee in order to promote program offerings and share partner and grantee stories of success.


Talia Landerman, Economic Opportunity Intern

Talia Landerman

As Economic Opportunity Intern, working in partnership with the Director of Economic Opportunity, Talia is supporting several different financial empowerment and wealth-building programs and initiatives, such as Fund My Future and Bank On, and assisting in the development and implementation of Financial Empowerment Centers (FECs) in the City of Pittsburgh. Currently, Talia is enrolled in a Master of Social Work (MSW) Program at the University of Pittsburgh, where her specialization is in Community Organizing and Social Administration (COSA) in addition to pursuing the Human Services Management Certificate.

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