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Neighborhood Allies Welcomes Pulse Fellow and University of Pittsburgh Interns

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Join us in welcoming our new team members Ben, Devlin and Liz!

Ben Emswiler, PULSE Fellow

Ben Emswiler

As PULSE Fellow, Ben will work with Zak Thomas, our Senior Program Officer for Affordable Housing and Lending to implement strategies and new programs, develop and finance affordable housing and economic development projects, and work to develop the capacity of CDCs and CBOs in low income communities across the city. This work includes assisting with evaluating projects and underwriting projects, researching policies and initiatives in other cities and evaluating policies and initiatives that might work in Pittsburgh, and helping with the preparation of written materials around the work that we do with real estate consultants.


Devlin Pippert, Fund My Future Intern

Devlin Pippert

As an intern, Devlin works to assist with the expansion of the Fund My Future Program throughout Allegheny County. The program, initiated by Propel Charter Schools in 2013, encourages adults to open savings accounts for a child’s future education. With each deposit, the adult earns raffle tickets for the chance to win a yearly grand prize and quarterly prices. Devlin will be charged with maintaining communications with community partners, providing ongoing technical assistance to champions, and evaluating the effectiveness of the program model. She is currently a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work with a concentration in community organizing and social administration.


Liz Reznikoff, Love My Neighbor! Intern

Liz Reznikoff

As the Love My Neighbor! Program Intern, Liz will be working alongside neighborhood residents to create opportunities for community and capacity development, as well as access to local resources and networks for resident-led projects. Prior to joining Neighborhood Allies, Liz worked in both the US and abroad in various positions focused on the prevention and care of HIV/AIDS, and reducing the stigma surrounding HIV status and accessing mental health services. She has a B.A in Sociology and Comparative Cultures from Alfred University and is currently in her final year of a Masters in Social Work and Masters in Public Health joint degree program at the University of Pittsburgh.



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