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An Instructional Experience on the Challenge of Combating Displacement at Penn Plaza

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Neighborhood Allies Releases the Second Issue of Our Best Practice Reports Series – an Instructional Experience on the Challenge of Combating Displacement at Penn Plaza

Photo credit: Maranie Rae Staab/Public Source

When market forces in gentrifying neighborhoods push out long-standing, low-income residents, it takes tremendous effort and resources to rehouse those who’ve lost their homes. The crisis for Penn Plaza’s occupants began in 2016, when they received letters stating that their leases would not be renewed and that they had 90 days to leave and make way for redevelopment of the site. Neighborhood Allies, in conjunction with the City of Pittsburgh (City), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), and a relocation assistance firm, Interstate Acquisition Services (IAS), managed the relocation efforts of current Penn Plaza residents while providing them the opportunity to locate decent, safe, and affordable housing, as well as connecting them with social services.

In partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, Neighborhood Allies has released a case study report documenting and capturing this process and lessons learned. The case study was composed using interviews and testimonials from the residents and local leaders who participated in the process—which has produced a clear and concise instructional experience sharing what led up to closing of Penn Plaza, the challenges faced, the roles and responsibilities of the organizations involved, the experience of the residents, and policy recommendations among other details.

 “We are sharing this story to inspire action and empower leaders and residents in other communities to actively shape the future of their neighborhoods.”

-Presley Gillespie, Neighborhood Allies President

Read the full report here: Case Study Report: The Challenge of Combating Displacement at Penn Plaza

Neighborhood Allies publishes a series of innovative project reports on local best practices being implemented on the ground in Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The report on Penn Plaza is the second edition, previous editions include a report on One Northside. Printed, full-color, bound copies of the report are available for distribution upon request. Contact Talia DePasquale for more information:

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