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Neighborhood Allies Launches Shared Communications Platform

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Does your organization struggle to find resources to devote to communications, storytelling, or design? Do you have a limited budget that makes it difficult to consistently communicate progress and success? Do you simply seek to increase your internal communications capacity?

The Neighborhood Allies Communications Team can help! We are deploying our deep communications capacity to the system through a newly launched, affordable fee for service model through which we are offering a la carte as well as full-service communications capacity to our community development partners!

Neighborhood Allies has spent that last few years building out and deepening our communications, storytelling and design talent. This includes everything from rebranding our organization, to establishing a web presence/building our social networks, to undertaking strategic storytelling around the quantitative and qualitative impact of our work and investments using data and design.

We have seen great impact as a result of making communications a core and integral piece of our work–not only are we better positioned to share and promote the good work that we’re leading across neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, we’re now able to assist our partners in celebrating progress and success!

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Get To Know the Communications Team

Director of Communications and Storytelling
Talia has over a decade of experience in nonprofit communications and program management. She is responsible for developing, guiding and executing all communications and marketing strategies to consistently articulate Neighborhood Allies’ mission, role and impact. This includes documenting and storytelling with internal and external audiences around Neighborhood Allies and our partner’s work, lifting up best practices and promising initiatives that are creating positive change in our neighborhoods and showcasing results that community and economic development initiatives are having on the ground in neighborhoods.

Communications and Outreach Program Coordinator
Chelsea has served as our PULSE Fellow for the past 9 months and has done a tremendous job in helping our organization, as well as our partners and grantees, share and develop their own stories, promote their work and even raise additional funds. In her new role as Communications and Outreach Program Coordinator, she assists with program-specific messaging, outreach and storytelling for both Neighborhood Allies and our external partners and assists outside organizations in managing effective communications strategies, tactics and tools.

If your organization is interested in partnering with us on shared communications, or is in need of a specific service, contact for more information and to discuss custom costs for your organization!

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