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Neighborhood Allies CARE Fund Grant Recipients Will Address Food, Health, and Safety Needs During COVID-19 Crisis

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The CARE Fund was created in response to the rising need for support among our partners and allies working to get food, protective equipment, and other vital materials to residents in our neighborhoods. As part of our overall COVID Accelerated Relief Effort (CARE) Package, the fund aims to address the food, health, and safety priorities of our communities as well as help to stabilize the organizations carrying out this important work.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Neighborhood Allies has tried to create and implement effective strategies to help stabilize our partners and allies and lift up those working so diligently to serve their fellow community members. That’s why we created “the CARE Package,” a multi-faceted, rapid-response approach to meeting pressing community needs. The CARE Package includes support for small businesses and nonprofits to access the Paycheck Protection Program, technical assistance for small businesses trying to adapt to online sales platforms during the shutdown, virtual delivery of our financial counseling services, and implementation of the Beyond The Laptops initiative to help get computers to families who have been left without access.

The CARE Fund is another integral part of our response to the coronavirus crisis. We aimed to provide funding to those in our network who are currently working to provide food, protective equipment, and other essentials to residents within each of our focus neighborhoods. While we received nearly three times as many applications than we could fund, we recognize that each and every one of the proposals was deserving. We acknowledge and appreciate the people and organizations who have stepped up to address issues related to the coronavirus. As an organization, we firmly believe that everyone has something positive and impactful to contribute.

Unfortunately, with a limited amount of financial resources, we had to focus on choosing applicants that would provide the greatest positive impact to the greatest number of our residents equally across our geographies. That meant focusing on those working to provide food, protective equipment, and other essentials to residents within each of our focus neighborhoods.

The recipients of the CARE Fund are: 

Kevin Alton, founder of the Way Organization, handing out lunches to Hilltop residents and their families several weeks ago. Please note that, in accordance with current guidelines, masks are now worn during the process.

These organizations have been addressing needs related to access to food, safety equipment, and other essentials for community members and need more resources to continue their work. From delivering items from food pantries to those who need it most, to providing monthly care packages to isolated seniors, to providing free meals to students and their families in our neighborhoods, to increasing production and access to local gardens, to purchasing necessary IT equipment so that they can continue coordinating all of this important work from home, the CARE Fund will support these organizations who are truly on the frontlines of the pandemic in Pittsburgh.

We need more partners and resources as we fight to get beyond this pandemic to recover and rebuild. With additional funding, we could support an even greater number of our allies on the frontlines of this pandemic. If you would like to bolster these efforts with additional financial resources, as we focus on the most vulnerable people, places and organizations, please reach out to Cait at 

We are proud to support these organizations in their efforts during this uncertain time. Thank you all for your passion and commitment to your neighbors in a time when they need it most. You inspire us!


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