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Neighborhood Allies and ELDI Hosted “A New Era of Economic Development” Breakfast

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Wednesday, September 16th, we co-hosted, with our friends at East Liberty Development Inc. (ELDI), an event dedicated to the NEW era of economic development.Pres_Fotor

Over 50 individuals, representing community organizations, the foundation community, business owners, workforce development entities, and the like, came out to learn more about and discuss one simple question: What will it take to reduce poverty and prepare people to succeed? 

Circles USA, an organization dedicated to inspiring and equipping families and communities thrive, has been doing this work locally here in Pittsburgh for years. The founder of  Circles, Scott Miller, brought his friend and colleague Mark Lautman, an accomplished Author, Speaker and Economic Architect, to Pittsburgh to discuss the critical and overlapping strategies of increasing the pool of qualified workers and reducing poverty and how we, as a city, can position our residents and communities to grow and thrive economically in the future.

“To go forward, job creation, workforce, educational and philanthropic efforts must be integrated at an entirely new level. While government and community-based programs can help provide assistance, people need long-term relationships to retain jobs and advance into middle-skill jobs.”

-Mark Lautman

Locally, we’re making good progress by creating and supporting organizations and programs that are addressing this issue. Neighborhood Allies is leading and supporting a number of initiatives that are helping to create meaningful, well-paying jobs as well as putting systems in place to help connect folks with ladders of opportunity, to get themselves out of poverty. In 2015, we launched three Financial Opportunity Centers, that help low and moderate income families build assets and attain financial stability and upward mobility. We have funded and supported a number of creative job training/placement programs including: CARE Ownership’s, Larimer Landlord Training Pilot, the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh, Community Empowerment Associations, Strategic Training Employment Program (STEP), Made Right Here’s Larimer Youth-Maker Training Pilot, and Vibrant Pittsburgh’s Ready Now/Ready Future Program.

lets create jobs

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