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9 neighborhoods, 20 resident-led projects, over $30K in grants #LoveMyNeighbor!

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LMNlogo (1)Love My Neighbor! invests in the ingenuity, talent, creativity, and hope in our communities by supporting resident-led projects that aim to improve neighborhoods and engage neighbors.

In summer 2016, we launched the Love My Neighbor! Grant Program, and today, we’re happy to introduce the inaugural grantees, give you a sneak peek at their projects and set the stage for what’s ahead! 20 resident projects from nine neighborhoods received grants totaling over $30,000 of direct investment into their communities!


Bloc Party | Blythe Stephens | Beltzhoover

Bloc Party is a Meet and Greet for the 800 Block of Gearing Avenue between new residents and long-term ones. The event will give those that live on the street a chance to become better acquainted with each other, as well as talk about issues and problems that affect their block and community. It will also give the younger residents, some of whom are not originally from the area, a chance to learn history of both the block and the neighborhood. The project aims to create a greater sense of pride about properties, neighbors and block.

Mural Project | Gordon Hodnett | Beltzhoover

The first phase of a 3 part mural, this project will be located the garden side of the Beltzhoover Neighborhood Council Building in the Hilltop. The goal of this project is to bring an artistic and personal connection to those in the community and a visual enhancement to those passing by. Additionally the project aims to include kids in the design and implementation of the mural.

Bears Youth Athletic Association | Kevin Alton | Southern Hilltop

The Bears Youth Athletic Association is a youth football and cheerleading program in the south side bears-youth-athletic-assocof Pittsburgh who caters to all 12 communities on the Hilltop. The goal and purpose of the association is to get children by the age of 5 to engage with other children around the Hilltop who might live in different neighborhoods and go to different schools. Through teaching them team building skills and teamwork while learning the game of football and cheerleading, the organization increases avoidance of risk taking behaviors and reduces overall youth interpersonal conflicts.

Creative Visions Nonprofit Nursery | Osiris Bey | Beltzhoover

The Beltzhoover Community Nursery grows perennials and some annuals and offers residents a space and atmosphere that is beautiful and no longer an eyesore. The nursery will benefit all community members by giving them access to gardening resources, education, and plants. The nursery will also stimulate neighbors’ minds by creating a strong connection to the earth.


Let the Good Times Roll! | Charlotte Ka | Greater Hill District

Let the Good Times Roll” is an intergenerational art and cultural program that serves to bridge the gap of understand and respect between the elders and the youth. It includes the sharing of the memories of the rich history of the Hill District through storytelling and art by the seniors coupled with the present day experiences of our youth and young adults.

Tenants Association Learning Extravaganza | Margaret Brown | Bedford Hill

The Learning Extravaganza is an expansion of Bedford Hill Tenant Council’s existing Family Fun night. The event offers a range of skill building opportunities that are both taught and learned by residents of Bedford Hill Apartments. By giving people the opportunity to use and improve their skills with other residents, the council hopes the community will feel like family. It will create new relationships and improve communication among adults and children who are residents of our neighborhood.

Photo credit: 1 Nation Mentoring Facebook Page

Photo credit: 1 Nation Mentoring Facebook Page

1 Nation Mentoring | Kevin McNair | Greater Hill District

1 Nation Mentoring is creating an event that highlights entrepreneurs and the local business leaders in the community and connects them with the teens and young adults of the Hill. The event will focus on inspiring young people to stay motivated and focused on their goals. Business owners and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to conduct workshops and be a part of a panel discussion with youth as the audience. By partnering with local schools and organization, 1 Nation Mentoring aims to not only shine the light on community jewels but also spark and support the idea of young people as entrepreneurs of their own ideas.

Macedonia FACE | Trisha Gadson | Greater Hill District

Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center [FACE] aims to serve more than 400 unduplicated students in the Hill District of Pittsburgh with a lunchbox of supplemental weekend food supplies. The lunchbox will consist of nutritious, non-perishable items such as canned pasta meals, soups, fruit cups, and juice. The program differs than others in that it provides food to the entire family. The project builds upon its relationship with three schools to provide this lunchbox service to three schools in the Hill District.


image002Trials and Tribulations of an Adolescent | Brettney Duck & Shayla Foster | Homewood

Trials and Tribulations of an Adolescent is a play/compilation of several scenes, each scene tackles the issues and concerns of teens and residents in Homewood. This community project creates a safe environment for teens to express themselves as well as an artistic outlet to communicate their inner struggles. The goal of this play is the bridge the communication gap between the youth and their caregivers, while also improving Homewood and engaging fellow neighbors. The play is presented by Go Girls and written and produced by Words By Ways.

Grandma’s Playday | Beverly Howell | Homewood

Grandma’s Playday is an event in which young kids that Ms. Howell already looks after will be able to get more treats and activities to play after cleaning up parts of the neighborhood. Happening every Saturday for the next three months, the goal of this project is to teach kids respect while also giving them a safe and fun place to have fun and enjoy their time.


African Healing Garden | Betty Lane | dscn2783Larimer

This project is meant to offer an unique experience to everyone. Larimer residents, schools students, club members, specialized classes, such as yoga and tai chi. The project is one that community residents can take ownership of, they can feel proud that they were the major part of it moving from a vision to a reality.



Community Market | Gerald Gerguson | Lincoln-Lemington

The Community Market is a community-owned operation that serves as a location for residents to obtain fresh foods locally. The market also aims to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit across residents in the neighborhood. The kick off for the market will be a fun day of food and entertainment while promoting neighborhood beautification, safety, security, and entrepreneurial efforts and economic development.

Old School Meet & Greet | Lee Ramsey | Lincoln-Lemington

Old School Meet and Greet is a weekly party among seniors of the Eva P. Mitchell building. It offers music, exercise, line dancing and entertainment such as sing a long, refreshments, and fellowship. The sessions will also offer music therapy by teaching neighbors to understand and play different Latin percussion instruments to the music.

Community Health Fair | Twila Davis | Lincoln-Lemington

The goal of this fair is to provide residents of the Lincoln-Lemington community with the opportunity to access important health information and to be able to engage in ways of better spiritual (non-religious) well being.


Winterize Millvale | Cecilia Oliveros | Millvale

Winterize Millvale focuses on decreasing energy usage as well as energy costs for Millvale residents by implementing an energy efficiency program, starting with an educational workshop open to Millvale residents. Residents will learn how to use different supplies to winterize their apartments in the upcoming winter. Educating Millvale residents on sustainability will encourage them to pass on what they learn together residents.

dscn2114Millvale FallFest | Dominic DiSanto | Millvale

Millvale will host their first ever FallFest in the Millvale Community Gardens on October 29th. It will be the Saturday before Halloween which involves a host of fun programming in addition to a pumpkin harvest from our orchard plot!

Preserve Girty’s Run | Kirk Jalbert | Millvale

Look up from almost any point in Millvale borough and you can see the wooded hillside to the north; a large swath of forest that is mitigating the storm water problems in the Girty’s Run as well as cleaning the air and providing recreation space for our residents. This project will work with a landscape architect on our project team to create a master plan for the park that would include hiking, mountain bike and dirt bike trails, accommodations for parking and access. We will also partner with the Millvale Community Library and their Sustainability Coordinator to organize educational hikes to generate additional support for the park proposal.


Wilkinsburg’s History in Photos | Anne Elise Morris | Wilkinsburg

Wilkinsburg Historical Society will provide educational photo displays of the history of Wilkinsburg. This project will include a diversity of subjects that would showcase the wonderful events that have happened in the neighborhood’s 129 year history. The effort would be a continuation of the project started in June 2016 that had used borrowed displays. Now these new displays will stay for the long-term and will showcase the history of the neighborhood. The goal of this project is to build community pride that Wilkinsburg is a place that residents can be proud to be a part of.

Wilkinsburg Baseball Association | David Reese | Wilkinsburg

Photo Credit: Wilkinsburg Baseball Assoc. Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Wilkinsburg Baseball Assoc. Facebook Page

The School District of Wilkinsburg no longer provides funding to improve the school concession stand. The Wilkinsburg Baseball Association took initiative to provide the funds to repair the concession stand. This move will help the school secure revenue for the Baseball Association and help the purchase uniforms, equipment and obtain much needed garbage disposal, portable toilets, and upgrade the electrical system. All of this upgrading will help create a safe work environment for the volunteers and keep youth ages 4-19 active and learning.

Block Party! | Linda Atkins | Wilkinsburg

Made up of residents of all ages, businesses, and the local police department, the Hilltop Block Watch group will hosted the 3rd Annual Block Party! for the community. It was a fun and successful event that brought the community together and supported the goals of the Hilltop Block Watch group of Unification, Beautification, and Safety. The event provided the opportunity to promote block watches, connect with the police department, interact and get to know neighbors, and have an all around great time!

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