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Love My Neighbor! Quarterly Newsletter | First Edition

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Read the first edition of our new Love My Neighbor! newsletter!

In this edition, learn more about

  • Our 2019 grantees
  • Some of Summer 2019’s Love My Neighbor! projects, including Music in the Gardens of Millvale, The Harambee Ujamaa Opening Ceremony & Parade, and the Teaching Artist Series!
  • What the Grassroots Grantmaking Committee does and how YOU can join
  • And more!

If you want to receive our quarterly Love My Neighbor! newsletter, subscribe to the Neighborhood Allies enewsletter, being sure to check “Love My Neighbor Grant Program/Grassroots Grants” as an area of interest OR simply click “update my preferences” on the bottom on any of our newsletters and check Love My Neighbor! as an area of interest if you’re already subscribed to the Neighborhood Allies monthly eNewsletter!

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