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Lawrenceville Showcases Region’s First Community Land Trust

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Lawrenceville Corporation recently hosted a Community Land Trust Preview of two of its seven permanently affordable homes in Upper Lawrenceville. This community land trust is the first in our region.

The Lawrenceville Community Land Trust (CLT) is a tool to create permanently affordable housing for lower income families, making homeownership more accessible.  The CLT is structured so that a community-based nonprofit organization owns the land that the home sits on while the homeowner acquires a ground lease to the property which details the maximum home resale price to ensure sustained affordability.

With support from Neighborhood Allies, Lawrenceville Corporation was able to purchase HomeKeeper, one of the foundational pieces of infrastructure needed to build out the CLT. This day-to-day workflow app is used to collect performance data, track social impact reports and manage the CLT home buying process from initial inquiry through resale. To date, Lawrenceville Corporation has compiled data on over 260 people interested in permanent affordable homeownership and this information will help them design future developments to better meet need and demand. Furthermore, HomeKeeper provides Lawrenceville Corporation access to national data, which will help them envision and plan for the national picture of affordable homeownership.

“Developing the CLT in Lawrenceville has represented a monumental step in furthering the creation of necessary affordable housing tools in the City of Pittsburgh. Without Neighborhood Allies’ support the Lawrenceville Corporation would not have been able to create the critical infrastructure for its successful implementation.”

Matthew Galluzzo, Executive Director of Lawrenceville Corporation

Check out some pictures from the Community Land Trust Preview below and contact Lawrenceville Corporation if interested in applying for a CLT home!

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