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Larimer Consensus Group Selected as Recipient of $150K in Resources to Make the Neighborhood More Resilient

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The Larimer Consensus Group was selected by global environmental nonprofit, Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC), as one of four community-based organizations across the country to join their Partnership for Resilient Communities (PRC).

The Larimer Consensus Group was selected, through a competitive proposal process, to join an 18-month partnership with ISC to work on intensive resilience-building projects that will make Larimer more resilient to social, environmental, and economic issues while advancing social equity. As part of this partnership, ISC will provide LCG with customized technical assistance, access to national experts and leaders, connections with peer organizations, and $150,000 of strategic resources to plan for and implement shared “micro-shed” (watershed) infrastructure solutions in the area.

With support from ISC, LCG will bring together residents, nonprofit partners, and technical experts to develop two microshed green stormwater infrastructure plans for the Little Negley Run watershed, which runs through several underserved neighborhoods in the city. The microshed plans will be integrated with broader municipal stormwater and development plans to be implemented by public agencies, ensuring that community members are able to shape the future of their communities.

The project will build resilience to flooding, reduce runoff, strengthen social cohesion, and advance environmental literacy through robust community engagement. It will also allow for the creation of a replicable best practices for developing and financing community-led green infrastructure investments in neighborhoods across the country.

“The real impact of this process will be reaching and educating Larimer residents on how water effects their every day lives–and how they can participate in solutions that benefit them and their community. LCG is excited and proud to be the community partner leading this important charge that will create the solutions that will be implemented for years to come.”

-Stanley Holbrook, LCG

Please join us in congratulating our allies at LCG on being selected to join this elite partnership that promotes and builds capacity for inclusive, community-driven approaches to urban resilience, to advance social equity, and to bolster social cohesion in underserved communities! Your organization has grown into a strong and reliable ally for Larimer residents–Neighborhood Allies is proud to be your partner and supporter!

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