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Hillman Foundation Awards $200,000 Grant to Neighborhood Allies to Further Community Capacity Building Work in Larimer

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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Hillman Foundation for supporting Neighborhood Allies’ Capacity Building work on the ground in Larimer with a $200,000 grant!

As the market momentum builds in Larimer and the interests of developers (private and public) increase, the primary objective is to help existing residents, business owners, church-goers, community organizations, and other stakeholders to have the means to meaningfully contribute, lead and benefit from the revitalization of their neighborhood. The LCG is widely recognized as the primary community body of Larimer and our aim is to strengthen their internal operations to ensure they remain as the stewards of the neighborhood’s vision.

This grant funding will be used to provide direct technical assistance and financial support to improve the organizational strength of the Larimer Consensus Group (LCG), so they are better positioned to successfully lead in the equitable revitalization of their neighborhood. With this support, we expect to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Reconstitute and reactivate the Finance Committee and the Advisory Board of the LCG;
  2. Recruit, hire, on-board and provide professional development training for an LCG Community Engagement staff position;
  3. Increase the membership of the LCG by deepening community engagement activities in Larimer and expanding them into Lincoln-Lemington. Cultivate stronger relationships with other adjacent neighborhoods and connect with professional networks that can bring added expertise/value to the workings of the LCG;
  4. Strengthen partnerships with developers working in Larimer to ensure that their projects are aligned with the neighborhood’s vision and the community is informed of their progress;
  5. Develop and implement an Action Plan that will provide greater focus and strategic direction to the work of the LCG particularly after the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) work is complete.

Neighborhood Allies has had a very productive working relationship with the LCG for the past four years. In 2014, we began to deploy our Complete Capital Model in Larimer, which has worked particularly well in this community.  We worked alongside the LCG, as allies, from the very beginning, to support and nurture their efforts to ensure they are set up to succeed. From crafting the job description and title for the organization’s first staff person, and helping the LCG negotiate an affordable lease agreement so they could establish an office and move into the EECO Center, to providing technical support to help them secure an Allegheny County CITF grant to help support their operations–we’re there for LCG as not only a funder, but a partner.

“The evidence is in the successful track record of the LCG over the past 10 years. The LCG has for sure endured through their fair share of growing pains but their accomplishments are nothing short of remarkable.”

-Shad Henderson, Neighborhood Allies

We strongly believe that the LCG can lead their community into the future with a strong Finance Committee, an Advisory Board and a professional Community Engagement staff member in place. Along with the LCG, the URA, local funders and other partners, we have the collectively stated goal to: “Coordinate Larimer stakeholder efforts and work together to continue revitalization of the Larimer neighborhood by focusing on the promotion, expansion, and development of neighborhood-serving businesses and institutions in a way that implements the community vision and compliments planned residential development of the Choice Neighborhoods.”

Thank you to all of our partners on this initiative: 

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