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Hill CDC’s Hill District 100 Program Creates More Hill District Homeowners

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With support from Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) through Neighborhood Allies, the Hill Community Development Corporation acquired several properties, previously at risk of rental conversion or unaffordable rehabilitation. Funding support allows the Hill CDC to offer quality affordable renovations for current Hill District renters wishing to become homeowners.

New owners of 243 Lombard Street with David Serbin, Real Estate Development Manager at the Hill CDC.

The Hill CDC’s Hill District 100 (HD100) is designed equip potential and existing Hill District homeowners with the resources needed to be successful homeowners through wealth building principles.  The program provides homebuyer training, cultivates a pipeline of potential homebuyers for rehabilitated homes that the Hill CDC is developing and, importantly, demonstrates that there is a market for home-ownership in the Hill. In fact, the HD100 membership list was created as a challenge to show that there were at least 100 people who wanted to be homeowners in the Hill District. The list currently includes 219 people, all of whom now have access to services that will help prepare them for homeownership. These services include housing counseling, credit repair, and access to quality rehabilitation of affordable and market rate homes. These efforts are part of the Hill CDC’s commitment to bringing the Greater Hill District Master Plan to life, and keeping homeownership within the reach of Hill District residents.

The HD 100 project complements other affordable housing projects in the neighborhood. For example, with recent grants awarded to Neighborhood Allies by Dollar Bank and KeyBank, we have convened a strong collaborative of Hill District community organizations, public and private partners to leverage our collective experiences, expertise, efforts and resources to achieve equitable development results in the Schenley Heights neighborhood — this includes a focus on the production and preservation of affordable homeownership units. With a list of pre-qualified HD100 members, renovated homes will be sold to Hill District residents, thus protecting long-time community members from possible displacement. Hill District organizations were previously partnering to move the needle in Schenley Heights, and this collaboration has expanded and broadened partners to leverage resources and investments so residents can further benefit and participate in the community’s revitalization.

Between 2017 and 2018, the Hill CDC completed 3 home renovations and sold each to residents who had, until then, been renting in the Hill District. The most recently renovated home was sold in December 2018, to a family of long-time Hill District renters for $120,000. In addition to these successes, the Hill CDC has several other renovation projects taking place throughout 2019, including 6 condos for veteran housing on Centre Avenue and a Shawnee Street Townhouse Project, partially funded through our grant from KeyBank.

Requirements to be eligible to purchase one of the Hill CDC’s rehabilitated houses are (1) to be an Hill District 100 member, and (2) to have a complete financial package, which includes pre-qualification for a mortgage.

Neighborhood Allies is proud to be a part of the exciting revitalization and homeownership stabilization efforts in the Hill District. We aim to always be an ally to the people and organizations in the Hill District bringing these important projects to life.

Stay tuned to hear more about our work on the ground in the Hill District and, in the meantime, check out our Hill District Neighborhood Level Strategy!

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