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The GGC Prepares for Love My Neighbor! Applications by Getting to Know the Neighborhoods

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On Saturday, January 17th, the Love My Neighbor! Grassroots Grantmaking Committee (GGC) had the opportunity to tour and learn more about the communities that Neighborhood Allies serves.

Local residents led the GGC through the neighborhoods, lending their knowledge of local history as well as pointing out community capacity building efforts that are currently taking place. GGC members heard how resident leaders were formed by the communities they grew up in, and what made that neighborhood special. They also learned about the opportunities that the residents would like to bring to the neighborhoods in the future.

“It was amazing to see that no matter what community you are in Pittsburgh, the needs of the communities are the same. The only difference is the faces in the communities leading the charge to get the community’s needs met. Every place we traveled, the neighbors highlighted hidden jewels about the place. I don’t believe people really understand how rich in history the Pittsburgh communities are and the value of the residents who live in the communities who are proud of their foundational history.”

– Sharnay Hearn Davis, GGC Member

These tours will enrich the GGC’s decision making by having a better understanding of what the community wants and supports, allowing Love My Neighbor! to further fulfill principle that this program is by residents, for residents!

For more information on the GGC and the Love My Neighbor! Grant Program visit:

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