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Get To Know Pittsburgh’s 90 Neighborhoods

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Pittsburgh is a City of Neighborhoods. 90 Neighborhoods to be exact, each boasting something special that makes it unique and diverse. What makes YOUR neighborhood special? Did the folks at the Pittsburgh Magazine get it right? Read on to get to know Pittsburgh’s 90 Neighborhoods.

By Pittsburgh Magazine Contributing Editors and Writers, July 15, 2013

In previous editions of our annual City Guide, we’ve expressed our unbounded affection for Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. Our city is divided into distinct territories, each with its own character, history and traditions. One of the joys of being a ’Burgher is exploring these communities, learning their ins and outs, and debating their merits with cross-town friends. Even as we wrote about more and more of our favorite ’hoods, however, we couldn’t help but feel like we were neglecting too many others — there are 90, after all.

This year, we decided to present something we love in every Pittsburgh neighborhood. From big to small, West (End) to East (Hills), we’ve pegged a notable feature of all 90. You’ll find old favorites, newly discovered gems and more than a few items that will inspire an exploratory trip. Read more to explore the ins and outs of Pittsburgh’s incredible, diverse neighborhoods with fun things to do in every part of town.

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