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External evaluation shows FOCs are successful

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External evaluation shows FOCs are successful in helping clients obtain jobs, reduce debts and build credit.

FOC Client, Rhonda Gethers, at her new job at Goodwill SWPA!

FOC Client, Rhonda Gethers, at her job at Goodwill SWPA!

An independent study by the Economic Mobility Corporation has found that clients of Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs) are more likely to be employed year-round, to reduce non-asset related debt and to build positive credit histories than comparison group participants. These findings offer concrete evidence that our model is successful in helping low-income people reach their financial goals and create a brighter future for their families. The evaluation was conducted as part of a grant from the Social Innovation Fund to implement evidence-based solutions. You can read the report here.

Our FOCs help individuals improve their financial outlook through workforce services, financial coaching and access to income supports.  Visit our website for more information about the FOC program.

We are extremely grateful to our FOC funders:

The Birmingham Foundation, The Buhl Foundation, Hillman Family Foundations, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, PNC Foundation and Roy A. Hunt Foundation

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