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Equitable Development Steering Committee Discusses Indicators, Action Plans and Impact

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Last week, the Equitable Development Steering Committee reconvened to review and approve our 2018 roadmap, finalize the indicators that we will use to track and measure impact, and solidify the roles and strategy of our two action teams.

To start off the meeting, we welcomed new members, representing the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, as well as neighborhood residents to our committee:

  • Karen Abrams (The Heinz Endowments)
  • Melanie Harrington (Vibrant Pittsburgh)
  • Will Bernstein (Allegheny Conference on Community Development)
  • Walter Lewis (Homewood Children’s Village)
  • Sonya Tilghman (Hazelwood Initiative)
  • Larry Harris (Beltzhoover Consensus Group)
  • Zeba Ahmed (Perry Hilltop Fineview Citizens Councils)
  • Richard Butler (Southwest Pittsburgh CDC)
  • Carol Hardeman (Hill District Consensus Group)
  • LaShawna Russ (Economic Development South and Hilltop Resident)
  • Jourdan Hicks (Hazelwood Resident)
  • Tia Torres (Hill District Resident)

Presley Gillespie kicked off the conversation by challenging the committee to identify ways to move from “Talk to Action” and what needs to be done to ensure that the action teams are successful. Collaboration, commitment and tapping into community power were among the suggestions.

Each action team then participated in a break out session to refine the goals and set of strategies which will guide our collective work on a path to an All In Pittsburgh.

The meeting concluded with commitments from the members identifying ways that they will work to finalize the goals and strategies of their action team. Most of the committee will also be attending the PolicyLink Summit in April, where the delegation will participate in trainings and workshops and learn best practices from across the country that we can begin to implement on the ground in Pittsburgh.

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