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Dollar Bank Awards $50,000 to Neighborhood Allies!

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Thank you to our allies at Dollar Bank for your support!


A $50,000 grant from Dollar Bank will support Neighborhood Allies efforts to advance the implementation of our comprehensive, place-based, people-based, and system-based neighborhood revitalization strategies, primarily for Pittsburgh’s low-income residents.

With this support, Neighborhood Allies will be hard at work developing and launching new and innovative strategies that will directly improve the quality of life in low-income neighborhoods including: building our capacity to deliver measurable results and collective impact to communities and residents at the level they need and deserve; making investments that support resident dreams and aspirations; breaking down barriers of inequality; and building strong relationships with a long list of new partners. This support is critical to our ongoing efforts to transform Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods into healthy, safe, and vibrant places for work, business, recreation, and raising families.

Thank you, Dollar Bank for your generous support!

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