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Congratulations to the Schenley Heights Collaborative on becoming a Registered Community Organization (RCO)!

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Please join us in congratulating our partner and ally, The Schenley Heights Collaborative for being designated as a Registered Community Organization (RCO) by the Department of City Planning.

In the spring of 2018, in collaboration with community based partners such as the Schenley Heights Collaborative, the Hill CDC and FOCUS Pittsburgh, we formed multi-sector partnerships to help accelerate, scale and sustain the great revitalization work already happening in the Upper Hill/Schenley Heights neighborhood. This partnership is now known as the SHORE (Schenley Heights Organized Revitalization Effort) and Rebuilding Together of Pittsburgh serves as a core collaborator of this initiative. One of our first priorities was to widen the capacity of the neighborhood CDCs and leverage additional resources to ensure long-term success in the Upper Hill District. With our support, the Schenley Heights Collaborative hired two part-time summer interns and collaborated with our Shared Real Estate Talent Team to do just that.

“With the part-time assistance of two summer interns (funds provided by Neighborhood Allies – we thank you again), the encouragement, the making of contacts when needed, and tips from the Shared Real Estate Talent Consultant —  the Schenley Heights Collaborative has applied for and been approved as the Registered Community Organization for the Upper Hill / Schenley Heights Community!”

– Phillis D. Lavelle, President, Schenley Heights Collaborative

About Registered Community Organizations (RCOs)

Organizations that have been designated as a neighborhood RCO have the ability to meet with developers/applicants prior to public hearings, develop neighborhood plans for City approval, and be recognized on official maps, brochures, and directories. Meetings taking place between the developer/applicant, City Planning staff, and the community’s RCO(s), formally called a Development Activities Meeting, will help to ensure that RCOs and their residents understand the scope of the project, can discuss its impact on their community, and have the chance to provide valuable feedback to those making decisions about the project at least 30 days prior to the first public hearing. Learn more about becoming an RCO. Register for technical assistance and guidance during the application process here.

For more information about SHORE, please join us for our House Tour event being held on Saturday, August 3rd from 9 AM – 1 PM. Event details and registration instructions can be found here.

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