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Our Catalytic Grants At Work On The Ground: The Mission Continues

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In 2015, Neighborhood Allies awarded a $50,000 Catalytic Grant to The Mission Continues  to build and launch a Service Platoon of military veterans in Homewood. Over the past year, this platoon has been built from the ground up, preparing for long-term community impact in the Homewood Neighborhood.


This past spring, the platoon began a partnership with Homewood Community Sports to begin a major ongoing project on Stargell Field to help renovate and rehabilitate a community baseball and football field. The veteran leaders are using the skills that they developed in the military to listen, muster and execute on projects that support the overall vision of the community members.

The platoon is igniting the Homewood community empowering them to envision positive change. Community stakeholders have even begun asking their neighbors, coaches and parents if they are veterans or associated with the military and have found that some of them are post-9/11 veterans. Through this measure of community outreach, these veterans are plugged into the Pittsburgh 2nd Service Platoon, decreasing the military-civilian divide in the Homewood and veteran community.

With the advice, network, and support of the Neighborhood Allies team, the Homewood Service Platoon has thrived.

  • Leveraged over $250,000 with our investment
  • Reached their goal of empowering more than 40 Pittsburgh veterans to continue their service in Homewood through monthly service projects
  • Completed eight service/support projects for a total of 432 volunteer hours in service to Homewood
  • Made two special deployments to East Liberty to assist Penn Plaza residents pack up, move them and their belongings to their new homes, as part of our resident relocation project.

“We have started to make a real impact, working side-by-side with community leaders, many of whom were introduced to us by Neighborhood Allies. Community members trust Neighborhood Allies and that trust had opened many doors that never would have been open to a newly- formed group of veteran volunteers. And as these veterans are improving civic engagement, they are also changing the way that people view and understand veterans. None of this would be possible without Neighborhood Allies. We’re excited to see how much more we can achieve together in Pittsburgh.”

– Aaron Scheinberg, The Mission Continues


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