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Birmingham Foundation Awards $25,000 Grant to Neighborhood Allies to Support The Love My Neighbor! Grassroots Grantmaking Program in the Hilltop

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We would like to thank the Birmingham Foundation for providing a $25,000 grant to support resident-led, grassroots projects in South Hilltop neighborhoods of Allentown, Beltzhoover, and Knoxville. This grant will go directly to support the growing Love My Neighbor! program and help to fund projects carried out by residents, for residents.

Ms. Natalie Thomas is a 2019 Love My Neighbor! Grantee from Beltzhoover. Her Unified Positive Effect Community Garden is beloved community space.

Neighborhood Allies believes that one of the most important strategies to effective revitalization of historically under-resourced communities is identifying and unleashing the gifts and talents of the people living in them. Guided by the Healthy Neighborhoods Framework and focusing on asset-based community development that is visible and immediate, the Love My Neighbor! program encourages community leadership and ownership, celebrates neighborhood image, expands networks among residents, and strengthens the capacity of new and existing resident-led initiatives. With their generous support, Birmingham Foundation is helping ensure these outcomes of the Love My Neighbor! program which ultimately lead to a healthier neighborhood and a greater sense of belonging for the residents that live within them.

Love My Neighbor! has completed four grant rounds since 2016, investing a total of $272,000 in nearly 150 resident-led projects in nine communities across the Pittsburgh region.

Our program offers residents the resources, network, and education to implement projects that improve their communities. It does this by providing grants from $500 to $2,500 to residents hoping to engage in a community-driven project; providing leadership opportunities and training to residents in our Grassroots Grantmaking Committee (GGC) – the body that reviews residents’ grant proposals and makes program funding decisions; and connecting residents, grantees, and GGC members to resources, knowledge, skills, and more through a Love My Neighbor! network. The program’s components uniquely align to provide the tools, skills, and relationships that position residents to plan and implement projects that benefit their neighborhood.

“Love My Neighbor! really helped a lot of people in the Hilltop communities come up with different events and projects that brought a lot of people together that probably had these ideas but weren’t sure how to get them started or funded.” – Kevin Alton, 3rd Year GGC Member

“I’ve been volunteering with Love My Neighbor! for the past 3 years on the Grassroots Grantmaking Committee and it really helped me meet people throughout Pittsburgh and learn more about their communities on a personal level which helped me to grow my own organization (The Way Organization) in the Hilltop by going to workshops and learning from different people at Neighborhood Allies,” said Alton.

Love My Neighbor!, an initiative founded by Neighborhood Allies, invests in the ingenuity, talent, creativity, and hope in our communities by investing in resident-led projects that aim to improve neighborhoods and engage neighbors. Once a year, residents who live in one of our target communities and are passionate about making a positive change in their neighborhood, can apply for small grants ranging between $500 – $2,500. Contact Tamara Cartwright, Program Manager for Social Impact Design, at

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