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BBC Pop Up Comes to the Burgh

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BBC Pop Up is a mobile bureau–a group of journalists who relocate to a new US town each month–who take local stories andBBB pittsburgh priorities create videos based on local suggestions. BBC Pop Up is spending November in Pittsburgh, and according to their tumblr feed, they think our city is just beautiful and are very excited to be here. And we’re very excited to have them!!

Earlier this week, they held a community meet-up at CMU’s CREATE lab. The attendees recommended the BBC crew cover stories involving air quality, area refugees and the integrity of our city’s bridges.

To get specific, the issues the crowd recommended include:

  • Refugees in the region
  • Problems with sewage leaking into ground water
  • Air quality
  • Vacant land
  • Healthy food for immigrant communities
  • Start-up culture
  • A growing art community
  • Pittsburgh is the ‘home of whiskey’
  • Crumbling infrastructure, mainly bridges
  • Community gardens
  • ‘Most bars per capita of any city in the US’ Healthcare
  • ‘Surprise racism: a look into the KKK in the region’
  • Allegheny City Cemetery

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