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REAL Network discusses Affordable Housing Task Force and more

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On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, more than 30 real estate, finance and nonprofit professionals attended the quarterly Real Estate Allies Leadership (REAL) Network, hosted by Neighborhood Allies.

20160301_122202The agenda included a presentation by Ray Gastil, Director of City Planning and Neighborhood Allies Board Member, on the local Affordable Housing Task Force. Throughout March, the City of Pittsburgh will be hosting four Deliberative Forums on the Affordable Housing Task Force 1) to give neighbors a chance to learn about the work of the Task Force and 2) provide a more robust way for community members to give feedback to city officials and Task Force members.

The forums will also provide an opportunity for the community to provide input on affordable housing issues, specifically relating to policies, programs or initiatives designed to increase the supply of affordable housing in the City of Pittsburgh. Ray also discussed two important housing studies, a needs assessment and feasibility analysis. The Task Force is scheduled to deliver recommendations by the end of May.2016-03-01 14.02.39

The group also discussed the need to create capacity 20160301_114844_002within organizations and neighborhoods to better understand market dynamics, as well as increase their ability to engage with developers, so that residents can help inform real estate and investment decisions. A Real Estate Empowerment Series, currently being developed by Neighborhood Allies, was also discussed, and would provide new neighborhood-based real estate training.

More on the REAL Network: Since late 2015, we have convened three sessions, each attracting between 25-35 invited attendees from various sub-sectors within the real estate community. Subgroups are beginning to form organically and City Planning has reached out to harness the power of the REAL Network to provide input to the Affordable Housing Task Force on gap financing issues. The next quarterly meeting will convene in June. For more information on the REAL Network, contact

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