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$40,000 Grant Award from R.K. Mellon Foundation to Fund Financial Education for Pittsburgh Latinx Immigrant Community

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We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Richard King Mellon Foundation for providing Neighborhood Allies with a $40,000 grant to expand our Economic Opportunity work. The award will allow us to make financial empowerment and inclusion resources more accessible to Latinx immigrant communities in Pittsburgh through a financial education program headed by the Qualitas of Life Foundation.

We are thrilled to partner with the Qualitas of Life Foundation, a NY-based non-profit organization that provides financial education to Hispanic individuals and their families, to carry out a pilot program that will bring an extensive financial education curriculum to the Pittsburgh Latinx immigrant community. We hope to integrate Qualitas’ cultural expertise in building financial capability and promoting financial inclusion for Latinx immigrant communities into Pittsburgh’s financial resource landscape.

Qualitas works to advance the economic prosperity of Hispanic individuals and their families through a comprehensive financial education and asset building program. Their programming includes bi-lingual instruction, technical expertise, comprehensive advice, and practical examples which equip participants with the tools to become more economically stable.




Through this project, Qualitas will connect with the Latinx immigrant population through existing Pittsburgh-based service providers and prepare a needs assessment outlining the barriers that keep them from financial inclusion and mobility. Then, Qualitas will tailor its existing financial education curriculum to benefit Pittsburgh’s Latinx community specifically and deliver this program in partnership with local service organizations.

“We are so grateful to the R.K. Mellon Foundation for supporting this partnership with Neighborhood Allies. We look forward to working together to strengthen Hispanic immigrant communities in Pittsburgh. Qualitas of Life is excited about getting to know the community in Pittsburgh.”

– Myriam E. Rebling, Executive Director of Qualitas of Life Foundation

With help from the Qualitas of Life Foundation, our goals are to identify the financial needs of the Latinx immigrant community in Pittsburgh, develop a network of local organizations serving this community, and integrate culturally appropriate financial education and inclusion services into this existing web of support. Our hope for this pilot program is that we may gain the insight and training necessary to incorporate Qualitas’ culturally-specific methods into our existing Economic Opportunity initiatives, such as the Financial Opportunity Centers or the Financial Empowerment Center, allowing our network of financial experts, located in 17 organizations throughout the city, to provide high quality support to Latinx community members in our neighborhoods.

As the Latinx immigrant population grows in Pittsburgh, the intended impact of this project is to strengthen these communities and to help them build their financial security and mobility. The financial health of this growing community will have a significant impact on the greater Pittsburgh region in the years ahead.

We are thankful to the R.K. Mellon Foundation for their support in helping us to continue creating and maintaining healthy communities.

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