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Neighborhood Allies


225 Ross Street, Ste. 202
Pittsburgh, PA 15219





Mission and Vision


Our mission is to support the people, organizations and partnerships committed to creating and maintaining healthy neighborhoods.

We do this by…

  • Creating community partnerships
  • Connecting distressed and transitioning communities with valued/vetted resources
  • Communicating and celebrating progress and success



At Neighborhood Allies, we envision a Pittsburgh with healthy neighborhoods that are thriving, resilient, and livable for all!

And when we say “for all,” we mean “for all.” Neighborhood Allies envisions a Pittsburgh that can channel the national attention received for its economic transformation in some neighborhoods–places that have seen a growth in development, new restaurants, waterfront parks, trails and cultural institutions–to build a Pittsburgh in which all of its residents live in neighborhoods that have equal access to quality education, jobs, healthcare and neighborhood amenities that provide the basis for economic and community success for the entire region. This is where the “all” comes in.  We need to come together as one community, recognize that there are profound issues impacting many of our neighbors and that by working together we can have tremendous impact.

Let's be allies!