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Funder Spotlight

For 25 years, HUD Section 4 funding has supported staffing, program development, and financial resources for non-profit Community Development Corporations (CDCs) across the country. This incredibly important program exists to strengthen our nation’s lower-income urban and rural communities by bolstering non-profit community developers that build and invest in those neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Allies, and our predecessor, PPND have utilized Section 4 funds to raise the capacity of local community development corporations (CDCs) across the city. This has resulted in the expansion of affordable housing, job creation, and economic development. Most recently, Section 4 funds have supported the organizations and programs that are increasing economic opportunities of residents in underserved urban communities via our local network of three Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs) which provide employment services, financial coaching, and income supports to very low-income and unemployed neighborhood residents.

Since 1993, Section 4 has strengthened thousands of urban and rural communities in 50 states and the District of Columbia by helping to create homes, provide jobs, support small businesses, provide educational programming, and develop commercial and retail space. How? By providing capital to nonprofit community developers that build and invest in these neighborhoods. It is the only Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program specifically designed to increase the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations so that they may better serve communities of need. Section 4 leverages significant private capital using a relatively small federal investment. Learn more about Section 4, how it works and the impact and outcomes it produces. 

This vital community development program is at risk–we need your help to tell Congress that communities and the nonprofits that work there matter!

You can help by signing this Nationwide organizational sign on letter. This is our most important advocacy tool to show the reach of Section 4. Sign on your organization and spread the word to your contacts to do the same. 1,056 national, state and local groups signed on last year. We are almost at 1000 signers as of Februay 1, 2017 and we can top that number this year with your help!

Thank you for your help as we work together to preserve Section 4!

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